The Team

Christian Vermast

Christian Vermast*

Growing up in Luxembourg, Christian Vermast became fluent in French, German, English and, of course, Luxembourgish. Naturally, with so many languages in his repertoire, he didn’t wait long to venture beyond the borders of one of the world’s smallest countries. He still returns to Europe as often as he can, though, to visit family and do some skiing in the Alps. He especially loves the Austrian Tyrol and a small resort near Innsbruck that his grandparents called their own.

Christian explores his Canadian backyard as well, from the Rockies to Quebec’s remote Le Massif, where near-vertical trails plummet to the St. Lawrence. What he likes best about these adventures is reuniting with people he enjoys – or sharing an exhilarating downhill run with someone new. He looks for that same human dimension on the tennis court, whether reading the actions of the person across the net or moving in sync with his doubles partner. It’s all about making a connection, he says. Just like learning a language.

Christian first came to Toronto on a three-month visit. He found it so appealing, he’s still here more than a decade later and ranks among the top 1% of the city’s real estate agents. He backs up his business expertise with a law degree and several years as a consultant to international investors. But what distinguishes him most is his ability, through all the strategy and emotion surrounding a home sale or purchase, to make a connection between people. Because that’s what our business ultimately comes down to: helping buyers and sellers bridge differing expectations to communicate with one another. And Christian’s one of the best interpreters we know.

Paul Maranger

Paul Maranger**

Paul has the credentials you would expect of someone ranked in the top 1% of Toronto real estate brokers. He combines an impressive academic background (B.Com. and MBA) with six years of banking experience to provide his clients with exceptional real estate and investment insight. Recently Paul successfully completed the “Changing the Game” negotiation course through the Harvard Business School’s Executive Education division.

His unique talent for helping sellers and buyers alike arrive at sound decisions may be attributed to his sensitivity, as an identical twin, to what makes people unique. That is what the real estate business is ultimately about: helping buyers and sellers get to a decision that’s uniquely right for them.

The media often seeks Paul’s opinion on luxury real estate and design, with television appearances on Lynda Reeve’s House & Home, Style by Jury, and in Style at Home magazine.

After earning his B.Com. in 1989, Paul headed off to Paris and spent a year teaching English and fine-tuning his French. Then, after earning an MBA, he crossed the ocean again for one more year and worked for one of France’s major financial institutions. In 1992, his financial career eventually brought him home to Toronto, where he worked in the areas of Private Banking (CIBC) and Commercial Credit (Scotiabank).

Paul is passionate about architecture, fine food, language, live theatre, opera, and symphony. An avid traveller, Paul also offers a cultured and cosmopolitan perspective to his clients. Once a year, Paul travels to a Spanish speaking country to study the language and brush up on his skills. Cities such as Buenos Aires, Santiago Chile, Mexico City, Guadalajara, Madrid, Medellin, Bogota, and San Jose Costa Rica are on the list of places he has attended private language centres.

Paul provides the highest level of real estate service to local and international home buyers and sellers, with a curated focus on architecturally significant and premier homes in the prestigious neighbourhoods of central Toronto.

Since entering the real estate industry in 1997, he has been a consistently top-ranked agent.

Languages: English, French, Spanish


Fran Bennett*

People linger on the sidewalk in front of Fran Bennett’s home – they even stop their cars along the street – just to ask how she does it. How does she manage to keep her garden looking so spectacular year after year? The secret, she tells them, is simple: constant, thoughtful attention.

Fran has lived in Rosedale since the 1970s, raising four kids and pursuing a fascinating array of interests. But perhaps nothing better sums up her passion for life than her vast garden – filled, aptly enough, with perennials of every description, carefully chosen to ensure something is always in bloom. And while she finds it hard to name a favourite, she clearly has a soft spot for daisies, which evoke fond memories of her childhood country home.

Fran’s résumé is as extraordinary as her garden. She skated with the Ice Capades and at New York’s Roxy Theater. She worked as a model and as a stage, film and TV performer. She hosted three radio shows. She was an advertising copywriter. And then her gift for helping people make good decisions led naturally to real estate. She focused on the neighbourhood she knew best, sharing family stories and local lore in a series of sketches,Rosedale Carries On. Soon her sensitivity to the needs of buyers and sellers alike established her as one of the area’s leading lights.

Ranked today among the top 1% of Toronto real estate agents, Fran has earned many accolades. She attributes her success to a passion for providing the best possible service to every client; to her aquafit classes, which help sustain the athlete’s energy she brings to her job; and of course to that secret gift by which all great gardeners turn vision into reality: